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The Foundation Center can help your foundation become more transparent and make it easy to share your data and knowledge with the world. If you have questions, aren't sure where to start, or need some inspiration let us hear from you at

Transparency Trends

Steps to Transparency

The path to transparency can be a hike!

No matter where you start on the journey to transparency, we've created a step-by-step approach to help you make strategic decisions in the context of your foundation's values and culture. And now we have a terrific infographic for you to download and share!

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Opening Up: Demystifying Funder Transparency


A new GrantCraft guide produced in collaboration with Glasspockets provides practical advice for funders to publicly share various aspects of their operations, work, and knowledge. More than a dozen real-world examples demonstrate why funders who openly communicate about their work find it to be win-win strategy, and “beginner” and “advanced” action steps help make transparency accessible to all.

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Electronic Grant Reporting

Report your grants electronically to ensure that the most current and accurate information about your foundation is online.


In a knowledge-intensive sector like ours, it is critical that foundations not only share information about what they fund, but also information about what they and their grantees are learning from their work. By sharing your research and reports on IssueLab, funders and practitioners can build on each other's lessons learned and better understand the results of our collective commitments, efforts, and investments.

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Knowledge Centers

Knowledge Centers

Custom Knowledge Centers let you share your choice of resources in a searchable, easily-maintained collection that looks and feels like your own web site.

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Foundations and Social Media

Foundations use social media to engage with their community and extend their impact.

See what’s trending and learn about best practices in this infographic.

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